Number and Letter Recognition Fishing Activity for Kids

Letter & Number Recognition Fishing Activity for Kids

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I love this letter & number recognition activity because it is part craft, part game, and all learning fun! And what kid doesn’t like to fish?

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Fishing Activity Supply List:

Want to make it easy? I’ve created this full supply list for you on Amazon.

The Fishing Rod

The Fish

The Ocean

Activity Assembly Instructions:

For the Fishing Rod-

  • Tie a piece of yarn to a ring magnet.
  • Tie the other end of the yarn to a dowel rod. You may want to put a notch in the rod so the yarn doesn’t slip off. You could also use a dab of hot glue or a stapler to hold the yarn in place.
    Or, you can use the already made fishing rod from these Melissa & Doug Puzzles.

For the Ocean-

Pick something blue (a blanket, snow saucer, blue construction paper, etc.) and lay it down on the ground. Or, grab a kiddie pool or water table! Easy enough, right?

For the Sea Animals-

  • Draw/trace sea animals onto construction paper OR print out my free animal outlines (see below to get yours) and color them in.
  • Cut out the animals.
  • Stick on googly eyes
  • Stick on foam letters or numbers (or more advanced learners can draw their own!)
  • Add any other desired decorations.
  • Attach a paperclip to each one.

Fishing Activity Instructions:

The Basics:

  • Put the sea animals in the ocean
  • Use the magnet on the fishing rod to catch them!

Some Variations:

  • Fish for certain letters. Try to spell a short word or the child’s name!
  • Fish for the alphabet. Write out the alphabet in large letters on a piece of easel paper, then let your child match up their animal with the letter on the paper each time they catch one until they’ve done the whole alphabet.
  • Fish for certain numbers, or a sequence of numbers.
  • Create fish with both upper and lower case numbers and sort them into piles of upper and lower case OR match up the letters (A and a, etc.).
  • Put phonetic sounds (“th”, etc.) on the sea animals, then try to catch the right letters to spell words.
  • Write whole words on the fish and try to make sentences!
  • Add fish with math symbols (+, =, etc.) and try and catch the right numbers to make an equation.

Love this number/letter recognition fishing activity for kids?

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Did you do this Letter & Number Recognition Activity for Kids? How did it go? What would you add or change? Any variations I haven’t thought of? Comment below and let me know!

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15 thoughts on “Letter & Number Recognition Fishing Activity for Kids”

  1. This looks like such a fun activity for preschoolers. Definitely going to be doing this my daughter! I like the idea of fishing for certain letters or numbers.

  2. This is great because I’ve learned that it is so hard to keep a child’s undivided attention! My aunt is homeschooling her 6 year old so I will definitely share this with her!

  3. What a cool, educational activity for toddlers! You can add onto or make many variations of this activity for older kids or to add onto the lesson of the day. I used to run a home daycare and this would have been amazing to do with all my littles!

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