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Simple Mom Hacks for Parenting

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I hope you’ve been enjoying this series of Simple Mom Hacks! Next up, we’ll look at some mom hacks for the wonderful world of parent hacks. It’s no secret that parenting is a challenge and as moms it’s not something that’s ever done. So while you’re in the thick of it, here’s a few genius mom hacks to make being a parent just a bit easier!

And if you enjoy these clever mom hacks, be sure to check out the rest of the series, linked at the bottom of this post. These are tried and true mom hacks from me and other moms who are in the trenches, too. Enjoy these simple mom hacks for parenting!

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Dry erase markers

So I love dry erase markers for so many things. Did you know you can write on a lot more than just dry erase boards with these? Think windows, the fridge, the dishwasher, the washing machine, even the bathtub! Just make sure you check on a small part before drawing all over it to make sure it doesn’t leave a stain behind on your particular appliance.

This is a great way to create a simple laundry system, remember whose turn it is to do the dishes, write down Scriptures or quotes, record homeschool or homework checklists, and more! Most dry erase markers aren’t washable, though, so be careful with littles- but I do love these washable ones for my four year old!

Adhesive Bandages for Everything!

We all know that band-aids fix nearly all boo-boos, even and often those that don’t actually exist. That’s why keeping a band-aid in your wallet is a great idea! It allows you to quickly address minor cuts, scrapes, or blisters when you or your child needs them, and I’ve been surprised how often I’ve needed them for myself, too! And they’re not just for first-aid- another mom hack is using them to childproof outlets in a hotel room, cover the sensor of an automatic toilet (so it doesn’t scare a little one), or even to cover an itchy tag in a piece of clothing.

First-Aid on Demand

Speaking of first aid, a lifesaving mom hack is to keep a small and straightforward first aid kit in the car at all times. Get a kit that is equipped with essentials like bandages, antibiotic ointment, and sting medicine for insect bites. The reality is kids get hurt, and having a first aid kit with you will come in handy! Whether it’s a scraped knee from a playful escapade or an unexpected bee sting during a family outing, having the first aid kit on hand offers immediate relief and comfort.

parent hacks stuffed animal for genius mom hacks


I can’t say this one enough: BUY TWO OF THE THINGS. Whatever it is that your child gets attached to, buy two of them! The key is to keep them in a rotation so they are in the same condition- but that way if one gets lost or broken, you have a backup that looks exactly the same!

The Paci Trick

Babies are amazingly smart- they know when it’s not the real thing. So if you need to your baby to take a paci and they aren’t interested, try keeping it in your bra! This keeps it warm and helps it to taste and smell like mom- plus it keeps them nearby!

Visual Timers for Littles

It can be hard to communicate time to a young child- they just don’t have a sense of it at that age- so having a visual timer can really come in handy! Things like a sand timer or a clock face with colored sections that shrink as time runs out can go a long way on showing what things like “5 more minutes” actually means!

Family Clothes Bin in the Car

Especially if you’re a more spontaneous type, keeping a well-prepared bin in the trunk can give you a lot more flexibility for family adventures! Create an all-in-one kit with a change of clothes for everyone, along with diapers or pull-ups and a set of pajamas for each of the kids. It’s a fantastic way to be ready for any spontaneous outing, like visiting the playground and splashing in muddy puddles without worry. Stay longer than planned at a friend’s place? No stress – you can comfortably change into PJs and diapers before heading home. During the summer, you can also add a couple of big Mexican blankets, sunscreen, and bug spray to the bin, making impromptu water play a breeze. It gives you an easy way to say “yes” more often!

Choice of Consequence

The “choice of consequence” approach has been a game-changer for many in parenting. It fosters accountability and responsibility by allowing them to choose from a set of consequences or even come up with their own (as long as it aligns with what the parents consider effective) and it empowers them to take ownership of their actions. 

By giving them the freedom to choose their consequences, it can break the fear of retaliation and create a positive and supportive environment where learning and growth flourish. It’s a powerful parenting hack!

Doing things as a Team

We all know that more is caught than taught. The “team routine” mom hack is a great strategy for toddlers in particular, promoting consistency and cooperation in daily activities. Things like eating together, brushing teeth together, and engaging in other routines as a “team”, make little ones more inclined to follow along and learn the skills they need for life alongside us. Creating a positive and supportive atmosphere around daily routines makes it that much easier to keep those things going as they get older!

Genius Mom Hacks, Round 3 Done!

I hope you’ve found some new things to try in this list of mom hacks for parenting! If you enjoyed these, be sure and check out the rest of the Mom Hacks series:

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