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The Collections by Mama Shark are curated bundles of digital products, courses, memberships, and other premium services, put together into an easy-to-navigate package at an excellent price and sold for a limited time.

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Within each Collection...

are Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages. The Bronze Package is always FREE! The Silver and Gold packages contain increasingly higher value products and services- always at an amazing discount!

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The Mission

Collections by Mama Shark exists to connect creators and small business owners with their ideal audiences, and to connect those audiences with high-quality valuable resources delivered in a convenient digital format.

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The Four Collections

Collections by Mama Shark curates four main collections released through the year.

living more on less collection

Living on Less

Live a Richer Life on Less

Mama Shark Home Strategies Collection

Home Strategies

Improve Your Systems

take back your time collection

Take Back Your Time

Reclaim Your Productivity

Why Choose Collections?


Each Collection is a unique selection of first rate products and services at small fraction of their normal cost.


Contributions are selected based on the quality of your offering, with no minimum audience size requirement.


30% base commission with plentiful participation bonuses and increases + a six month cookie.


Multiple opportunities in each Collection with a variety of pricing choices to fit your needs and budget.

Common Questions

Nope, not a scam! The Collections benefits everyone who is a part of them- contributors and sponsors get more exposure to a wider audience, affiliates make commissions for spreading the word, and customers get a fantastic deal!
The idea and motivation for Collections and other bundles stems from the need for creators and bloggers to be able to get their products and services in front of potential customers- something that can be quite difficult in today’s world. Collections by Mama Shark meets that need and customers get to benefit as a result!

We don’t expect you to need or want them all! Part of the fun of a Collection is that it includes a variety of products and services- some of which you’ll need and use and others that you won’t. Just redeem the ones you want- and you’ll still be getting a killer deal!

We’re super fans of simple and easy, and do our best to make the whole process of purchasing and redeeming the Collection as streamlined as possible! The general process is purchasing the Collection, choosing which products you want, then redeeming your choices. Since the Collections are made up of different contributors, redeeming your product usually means entering your email and a coupon code provided through the Collection and then downloading or accessing the product or service.

If you find anything to be difficult along the way, please email us at and let us know- we are always looking for ways to improve!

For each Collection, we create 3 separate packages.

Bronze is always FREE and contains up to 24 items that are valued at $1-9 each.

Silver is the next package with up to 24 items valued at $10-46 each.

Gold is the final package with up to 24 items valued at $47+ each.

Customers can choose which packages they want from each Collection!

The values are gathered based on what the creators/business owners sell these products/services for on a regular basis. Before or after the Collection, you’d have to buy the item at the value shown. The products and services are also vetted prior to being accepted into the Collection- we only accept a limited number each time and do our best to pick the best ones!

You have a whole 6 months to make your choices from the Collection and then download or access your choices. Once you’ve redeemed your choices, you’ve got access to them for however long the product/service is available.

We do our best to create Collections that have no reason to need a refund, but if you are dissatisfied, please email within 30 days of your purchase for a refund.

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About the Hostess

Stephanie Iraggi founded Collections by Mama Shark as a part of the Mama Shark Blog mission to improve the quality of your mom life by empowering you to live more on less, organize your chaos, and gain the time and energy to be the mom you want to be. Stephanie loves creating order out of chaos and is passionate about giving you the tools to streamline your mom life.