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The 2024 Home Strategies Collection

is coming September 4th!


What to Expect in this Collection

The Home Strategies Collection is filled with ideas, plans, and blueprints to refine your at-home routines and systems!

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The Mission

Collections by Mama Shark exists to connect creators and small business owners with their ideal audiences, and to connect those audiences with high-quality valuable resources delivered in a convenient digital format.

What is a Collection?

How does a Collection work? How are the Collections made? How does this benefit those who take part?

Each Collection is made up of Customers, Contributors, Affiliates, and Sponsors. The Contributors create and give their products and services. The Affiliates help to get the word out and get paid commission for doing so. The Sponsors create offers to benefit the customers. The Customers get it all at a 95% or greater discount!

Instead of having to scour the web in hopes of finding the resources they need, customers get to buy these carefully curated bundles of resources put together for them an amazing discounted rate (95% off or more!)! 

Creating an online business in today’s world isn’t easy- and one of the hardest parts is getting the word about your offers out to audiences who need what you have made. Collections provides increased exposure for creators and small business owners and gives them the chance to interest customers in their brand.

None of the Collections would succeed without our affiliates! Affiliates spread the word about the Collections, and in return, they are paid commission on any sales made through their link. It’s a great way to connect audiences with products they’ll love with the benefit of being paid for it!

We accept a limited number of sponsors per Collection! Each sponsor is given ad space in a combination of site locations, email blasts, and within the Collections themselves, depending on which option they choose. This is a great way for creators to connect with their audiences!

Want to Participate in the Home Strategies Collection?

The Collections would not exist without our contributors, affiliates, and sponsors!

See the important dates for this Collection and choose your option below to learn more.

  • Sale Dates: 9/4/24-9/10/24
  • New Contributor Applications Due: 7/3/24
  • New Sponsor Applications Due: 7/10/24
  • Product Submissions and Payment Due: 7/24/24
  • Ad Submissions and Payment Due: 7/31/24
  • Affiliate Applications will be approved on an ongoing basis (find out more here)


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