Being a Mama is Hard Work.

I'm here to help you WORK SMARTER.

Mama Shark exists to lighten the mental load of moms with young children by empowering them to live more on less, organize their chaos, and improve their mom skills.

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Mama Shark

The expectations placed on Mamas are a little ridiculous.

Ok, they’re a lot ridiculous.

Not only are we expected to keep the tiny humans fed, clean, and safe (a 24/7 job in itself), but we’re also supposed to keep their emotional needs met, their minds challenged, and provide for their ever-changing bodies- all while keeping a clean house and healthy food on the table, maintaining our relationships and taking care of ourselves, keeping up with their schedules, and of course staying within the budget. 

It’s no wonder we all feel burned out sometimes! 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Come with me on a journey toward a better motherhood- one where your load is lighter, your mind is clearer, and you have more room for enjoying all the things you love the most.  This is going to be good!

-Mama Shark

Look what I've got for you, Mama!

Reducing the Mental Load of Motherhood

Chaos Organized

Practical tips and tricks for Cleaning, Organizing, and Planning

Live More on Less

Simplify your life with these how-to guides for Efficient and Frugal Living

Mom Seasons

How to practically adapt your daily life during the seasons of Pregnancy, Postpartum, and the Little Years

Mom Skills

Hone the Mom Skills you can use to survive and thrive every day as a Mom

Empowered Motherhood

Stories and inspiration to fuel your joy in the journey

What Other Mamas are Saying

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Mama Shark Devin
"Ok y’all, this blog has become my go-to when I need ideas for mothering! Every blog and link contains quality information that I don’t want to miss. Such a valuable resource right at my fingertips. I’ve already used several ideas for keeping my kiddos entertained, organizing my days, and keeping peace in my heart. Best of all, I feel excited to read and learn from this blog because I know, trust and admire Stephanie!”
Mama of 4
"Mama shark gives me confidence in my parenting. She has interesting and unique ideas to use everyday being with two toddlers! Motherhood is constantly changing and she helps you feel more in control and okay with what motherhood throws at you!"
Mama Shark Rachel
Mama of 2
"Mama Shark has been super encouraging to me. As I read her blog posts, I relate and feel like we're all in this together. She offers so much wisdom and practical advice on a variety of things surrounding motherhood. Thank you Mama Shark!"
Mama Shark Heather
Mama of 8

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About Me

I love the business of motherhood.

I always wanted to be a mom.  In the interim of waiting for the motherhood season, I became an entrepreneur and built and sold a successful company.  I learned a lot about what it means to run a business and to not only accomplish things, but to do them well.  When I became a mom, I quickly figured out that running a business and running a home weren’t all that different- and this blog is my way of integrating these two worlds to design something that will help my fellow Mamas to create easier and simpler lives for themselves and their families.  Thank you for partnering with me in this journey!

-Mama Shark