It's Time to Streamline Your Mom Life!

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

Before kids, I owned a successful small business. When I had children, I realized that owning a business and managing a household actually have a lot in common.

In the business world, there are efficiency experts that come and tell the company how to do things better so they can gain time, money, and productivity. I’m here to be that person- but for moms!

I’m wired to be always developing systems, techniques, and moms hacks to make life less stressful and give me time (and money) back to spend with my family- and I want to help you do the same! Check out the resources below, and let’s streamline your mom life!

Mama Shark Streamline Your Life

Meal Planning

meal ideas
Trello Your Meal Ideas
Wondering what's for dinner tonight? Check out this ready-for-you Trello template filled with ideas for fast, easy, healthy meals- designed with moms in mind! Use ours or add your own!
Easy Budget-Friendly Snacks for Kids
Healthy, Easy Snack Ideas
Do you struggle with figuring out quick and healthy snack options for your kids? I did! Start here with this list of easy snacks kids will love- and they're healthy, too!
meal planning trello board
Trello Your Meal Plans
Use my Trello Template to keep track of your inventory, your grocery list, your grocery prices, and your upcoming meals! It's an all-in-one template to save you a ton of time!
meal planning guide
Stay in Your Food Budget!
Print out this step by step guide and learn how to save mega moolah every week on your grocery bill. No matter what your budget, this guide will help!
dinner prep hacks for busy moms
Top 10 Dinner Hacks!
Take the stress out of meal prep with these Top 10 Dinner Prepping Hacks for busy moms! These 10 tips will save you hours every week!
meal planning course
Meal Planning Blueprint
This step-by-step course walks you through how to create a meal plan that works for YOUR family (even with special dietary needs) in just a few minutes a week AND within YOUR budget!

Planners & Productivity

weekly trello planner
Plan Your Week with Trello
Many things repeat week to week- we have a class on Monday or a responsibility on Tuesday, etc. So why not extend that to your weekly tasks, assign it all to days, and have a template for each week's list?
monthly planner
Plan Your Month with Trello
Some things don't need to be repeated but once a month or so- but we don't want to forget about them! Use this Trello board to get a bird's eye view of what you've got coming up!
yearly planner in trello
Plan Your Year with Trello
This is the perfect place to put notes to yourself for things you don't want to forget, but that you're at risk of forgetting because they're not immediate- things like planning notes for an upcoming trip or ideas for the garden next year. They can live here!
organize your mom life with trello
The Ultimate Mind Declutter
The Mama Shark Trello Templates bundled into one amazing pack! Get organized and save time doing it with these made-for-you templates. This bundle includes 11 Free Trello Templates ready to be set up and organize your mom life!
household planner
Create a Family Chore List
One of our most popular downloads! This Trello Template allows you to set up a chore list for every member of the family, including for those who are just getting started. It also gives you as the home manager the big picture of what needs to be done!
social media planner
Content Planning + Strategy
Do you schedule social media for a business? Scheduling your content doesn't have to be overwhelming. Get yourself out there in less time with less stress, plus get tools for your strategy and keep track of your hashtags!
party planner on trello
Keep Up with Every Detail!
Planning a party is a lot of details to keep track of! Keep it all in one place and know exactly what needs to be done next by using this ready-made Trello Board from Mama Shark!
family packing list
Perfect Packing for Any Trip
This is THE tool you need for any family trip! Keep a master list of what you usually need, then make a copy and modify it for any upcoming trip. Add to it anytime so you never leave important things behind!
gift tracker on trello
Never Forget a Gift Again!
Ever forgotten to give someone the gift you bought them, or forgotten to get a gift you were in charge of getting? Remedy that with this Ultimate Gift Tracker! Track your gift ideas, purchases, and more!
eisenhower trello matrix
Easily Prioritize Your Day
Do you ever feel like the urgent always runs over the important (particularly everyone ELSE'S urgent)? Sort out your priorities for the day (or anytime) using this Eisenhower Matrix Trello Board.
customer acquisition trello
Grow Your Side-Hustle!
So many of us now have a side-hustle of some sort- but whether or not we see success has a lot to do with finding the perfect customer for our business! Learn how to find them in a few simple steps.
digital decluttering
Free Up More Mental Space
Sure, we declutter our houses, but what about our digital lives? In today's online age, it makes sense to take the time to clean up our digital lives and take back that time and space in our day.
simplify your life
Automate Your Mom Life
Many of the tasks we do day in and day out are repetitive (dishes and laundry, anyone?). By automating and simplifying as many of these tasks as we can, we free up space in our day to be more present and spend time on what we love.
declutter your mom brain
How to Trello for Mom Life
Our mom brains can be a mess of tangled up thoughts, worries, and responsibilities. Clear out your mental space by decluttering your mom brain! Get all those thoughts out into organized Trello boards and be amazed at the weight lifted off!
money saving challenge
30 Days to More Savings
Frugal Living just got easier! This simple 30 day challenge will give you 30 simple steps to help you save more money in practical ways- even when you're already pretty tight with money! Print it out, hang it up, and save!
Spring Cleaning Challenge
Clear Out that Clutter!
Spring Cleaning just got easier with this 30 Day Checklist! This cute printable is perfect for hanging on the fridge!
morning routine checklist
Create Your Mom Routine
Mornings are prime time for productivity- unless they're chaos. Calm your chaos with a mommy morning routine!
School Morning Checklist
Edit, Print, and Check It Off!
Edit, print, and get out the door with ease! Laminate for easy repeated use!


entrepreneurship 101 for teens
Business 101 for Your Teen
Do you have a teen with a big idea and no clue where to start? Help your teen turn their passion into a paycheck with this asynchronous class!
Personal finance 101 course for teens
Money Management Basics
Teens will learn the basics of budgeting, banking, and buying in the modern world with this simple 6 week asynchronous class!
life skills for teens
Prepare Your Young Adult
Do you want to equip your teen for the future? You can do so- at a discount!- with these two classes bundled in at one great price!
preschool coloring sheets
Perfect for Preschool Play
Pair these fun printable coloring sheets with our fun Fishing Activity for preschoolers, or use them to make your own ocean fun!
ebook on multiple intelligences
How to Teach to Each Type
Did you know there are multiple ways that people are smart? Get a quick understanding of how to teach to each intelligence in this short ebook!
money making ideas for teens
For Your Entrepreneur
Does your teen want to be their own boss? Here's a list of 76 different business ideas for young adults- no degree required!
Homeschool start up workbook
Starting Homeschooling 101
What do you need to think through to get started with homeschooling? Here's the basics! This easy workbook will ask the questions you need to think through getting started with your new homeschool!
DIY homeschool planner for trello
DIY Your Homeschool Plan
Are you a DIY kind of person? Do you like to plan things out your way? Then this homeschool planner is for you! Plan your homeschool year in a way that fits your family and your schedule and preferences with this DIY ready-made Trello Board!

Mom Life

diaper bag checklist
The Ultimate Diaper Bag List
What are the diaper bag essentials? We've polled experienced moms and put their answers together in an easy list just for you! This is the perfect list for any new mom!
Scripture cards for moms
Reminders for Your Soul
Post these reminders around your house and hide them in your heart to remind you who you are and why you do what you do! Print these beautiful Scripture affirmations today!
encouragement cards for moms
Print and Give Away
Do you ever see a mom at the grocery store or park and you just wish you could give her a big hug and tell her it's going to be ok? Print out these Encouragement Cards and give them away!
survival guide for moms
Encourgement for Mamas
Have you experienced the afternoon drag? Yeah, me too. Here's some things to remember on those long days to help you get through to bedtime!
things that make me happy list
Print and Write Your Own!
Gratitude is a great way to lift your mood! This list challenges you to write out 100 things that make you happy!
cloth diaper 101
The Basics of Cloth Diapers
Does the world of cloth diapering overwhelm you? Understand the basics quickly with this handy cheat sheet!
baby carriers cheat sheet
What You Need to Know
Want to wear your baby, but don't know where to start? This cheat sheet will give you the perfect overview of the different types of carriers and safe practices to get you started!