Simplify Your Life as a Mom

How to Simplify Your Mom Life

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Have you ever wondered how to simplify Your Mom Life?

As moms, we universally feel there are never enough hours in the day. There’s always more to be done and things we wish we had had time or money or energy to accomplish.

And while on the one hand, I think our society pushes moms to do far more than is necessary (and healthy), there are also easy ways to simplify our lives as moms so that we spend less time and money doing the “have-tos” and more time prioritizing what we truly value.

Are you ready to get started? Here’s some of my favorite ways to simplify your life as a mom!

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How to Simplify Your Life as a Mom- Automate and Autopilot

One of my favorite ways to simplify my life as a mom is to automate as much as possible, or put it on somewhat of an autopilot. The more that is automatic/already set up to run everything is, the less I have to think about and the less my mental load. It frees up my time, my thoughts, and my energy!

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Finances

Automate your bills

The less you have to think about when bills are due, the better! This can be done pretty easily for most bills in three ways:

  • Set up auto-pay through your bank. Our mortgage and utility bills are paid this way. I like that I can manage them all in one place! I also have it set up to notify me if the payment date changes, so I’m able to budget accordingly.

  • Set up auto-pay through your credit card. If you have a rewards card, this has the bonus of giving you points/cash back/etc. each time, too! (P.S. This Chase Freedom Unlimited card has a $200 cash back promo going on right now!)

  • Set up through the service itself. We make monthly donations to certain places, and it is set up with them to automatically withdraw from our credit card, etc.

Automate your budgeting

Now, in order to not worry about when your bills are due, you’ve got to know that you have the money in the bank to pay for them. For this, I can’t say enough good things about YNAB (You Need a Budget). Some of the things it allows you to do:

  • Budget ahead of time for bigger expenses. I never worry about when big annual bills (like insurance) are due, because I’ve been saving up for them all year with YNAB.
  • Share the info with your spouse/partner. They’ve got a great app that let’s you see exactly how things stand- at a glance they can see whether there is money in the budget for a purchase.
  • Download your transactions from your bank/credit cards. Then all you have to do is match them up/make sure nothing looks weird. I usually spend about 15 minutes a week and have our entire budgeting done.

    Want to learn more on how to do all of this? Check out our Personal Finance 101 course!

Key ways to Simplify Getting Groceries

  • Use Instacart or another Grocery Delivery/Pick Up Service.
    Now, I know a lot of Moms use grocery shopping as their “me time”- so if that’s you, by all means guard that me time!

    But personally, I’d rather spend my me-time writing blog posts than grocery shopping. 😉 Yes, there are fees for the service (usually), but the way I see it, I’d probably spend that much on an impulse purchase anyway- and it’s a lot easier to meal plan when I can do it sitting down on an app.

    Plus, I like that it saves the list of items that I buy, so I can quickly glance through what I usually purchase to remind myself of anything we might be out of.

  • Use subscription services that fit your lifestyle!
    I use Hungry Harvest, Butcher Box, and Thrive Market to save money on many of the groceries that we buy on a regular basis. And they show up at my door without me having to drag the kids out!

  • Use the Paprika App!
    • The Paprika app can automatically download recipes from almost any website and puts it in a format that’s easy to use. No more having to scroll and scroll to find the actual recipe buried in a post.
    • You can manipulate the recipes to double/half/add or change ingredients, etc. and store them in whatever categories you want to. No more searching Pinterest for that recipe you know you have somewhere!
    • You can set up meal plans and automatically create grocery lists from those plans.
    • You can create menus (for example, a week’s worth of meals) and then put them on your meal calendar with a click.

  • Make a Meal Rotation.

    I’ve done this two ways, and I like both.

    The first way is to use Paprika. I just make menus that are a week of meals, then add those to the built in calendar on a rotating basis.

    The second way is I use Google Calendar and set up a calendar just for meals and create repeating events for each meal.

    Either way- no more wondering what I should make the next day or week! It’s already planned out- and of course I can always change it or switch it up if needed. But at the very least I’m not having to start from scratch each week.

    Want more great ideas for Meal Planning? Check out how I feed my family on less than $125 a week!

  • Use Amazon Subscribe and Save.
    Seriously y’all, this is a game-changer. I use Amazon Subscribe & Save for nearly everything that is a recurring purchase. Paper towels, toilet paper, Larabars, razors, dish soap, dish detergent, laundry detergent, vitamins, epsom salts, toothpaste, Calms Forte, Rescue Remedy, detangler, wipes, coffee, altoids, and more- they’re all set up to come to my door however often I choose.

    I get an email each month with what is on the schedule to come, and I can always add to it or subtract anything we don’t need yet. But other than that, I don’t have to think about the next time we need wipes- with Subscribe and Save, they just come. And I save 15%, too! Win!

  • Use Mama Shark’s Meal Planning on a Budget Trello board! You can get a step-by-step tutorial in our Meal Planning Mini-Course- you’ll end up with an easy grocery list that will also save you a ton of money!

Get it all in Organize Your Mom Life with Trello!

A blog post can only cover so much- let me show you the easy system I’ve created (and use myself every week!) to lay out your day to day tasks using Trello in a way that is simple, fast, and fun!

Simplify Your Digital Life through Automation

  • Unsubscribe! Every time you get an email you don’t want to get anymore, unsubscribe. It takes a few minutes, but soon you won’t have any more to unsubscribe from, and your inbox will look much cleaner!

  • Use Unroll Me. Unroll me rolls all of the emails you DO want to get (but don’t want to see) into one daily email. So all my coupon emails, mailing list emails, etc. all come as one searchable email instead of 100+ every day.

  • Sort your inbox. Most, if not all, email clients have a way to sort or label your emails. Take advantage of this! Or, simpler, just mark as unread anything you need to deal with. Once you’ve dealt with it or added it to another list so you don’t forget, mark it as read.

  • Get to Inbox Zero! Deal with what is left in your inbox until you get to zero emails that need to be dealt with in your inbox. And then keep it that way- you’ll have much fewer emails to deal with, and be much less likely to miss important ones! Need some help with this? Find out how to master Inbox Zero!

  • Automate your emails. Are you in charge of a group or business or reminder of some sort? Many email clients now have a “send later” feature you can use for free. Set up a bunch of reminders all at once and set them to send later so you don’t have to crunch right before.

    I also LOVE the Boomerang for Gmail App. In addition to the schedule later feature, you can set it up to “boomerang” back into your inbox if you don’t get a response in a certain amount of time, etc. When I did a lot of scheduling for my first company, this was essential for me!

    It allowed me to follow up with clients who didn’t respond and reminded me to finish tasks that I wanted to finish later. And it’s got a free version, too!

    If you do a LOT of emailing, you might also want to consider something like ConvertKit, which is what I use to set up email sequences that can be sent automatically.

  • Automate your social media. If you’re in charge of a business or group that needs regular posts, try setting up a bunch of posts all at once and scheduling them to go automatically.

    You can use something like Canva (free) or PicMonkey (small fee) to create a batch of visual posts, then use a scheduler to post them whenever they need to go up- no more having to get on every day to do posts.
    • Facebook has a free scheduler
    • Tailwind has schedulers for Instagram and Pinterest (including a free trial for both) and it even knows the best times for your particular audience and will post at those times for the best results.
    • Social Bee has schedulers for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more!

  • Automate your limits. So much of our lives are contained on our phones, it can be hard to put them down. However, if you’ve got an iPhone, there’s this awesome feature called Screen Time.

    Screen Time allows you to set limits for how long you use different apps (or all of them) in a day, and even certain times of day that are “off” etc. It’s a great way to regain some of the time that gets lost scrolling through Facebook.

Great Apps to Simplify Your Personal Life

  • Use a Cycle Tracker. There’s about a million of them out there. On the iPhone you can even use the Health App. One less thing to try and remember!

  • Use Apps to listen to your favorite books. I love the YouVersion App for my Scripture Reading, and you can use services like Kindle Unlimited (first month free!) or Audible to listen to your favorite podcasts and books! Use the time you’ve got in the car or doing chores to learn something or just enjoy some “me time”!

  • Use Google Calendar and create different calendars for different people or activities. I have a family calendar that I share with my husband- the things he’s involved in or wants to see.

    But then I keep another calendar that has mine and the kids activities, doctor’s appointments, etc. I also have another one for meals, another for exercising, and another for my blogging activities.

    Each calendar is a different color, making it easy to see at a glance what I’ve got going on. It also syncs with my phone so I can easily change things or add details on the go.

  • Use Trello for your to-do lists. Trello is like a To-Do list on steroids.

    You create “Boards” (for example, I have a Mommying Board, a Blogging Board, a Homeschooling Board, etc.) and then put “Cards” on Lists. So I have a List on my Mommying Board of my daily tasks that has cards for laundry, dishes, etc.

    It’s the ultimate organizer, and the app is super easy to use and syncs between your phone and computer.

    P.S. If you’re a Trello fan, you will love the templates in the Mama Shark Store! Also, be sure to see my posts about Family Chores and Prioritizing and Meal Planning for some free Trello templates!

How to Simplify Your Life as a Mom- Reduce

One great way to have less stuff to do is have less stuff to deal with! Reducing the quantity of things you have to keep track of is a great way to simplify your life as a mom.

How to Simplify Your Laundry

  • Reduce the number of towels you own. For example, we have two bath towels per person (one clean, one in the wash). I didn’t realize just how many towels I had accumulated until I went to slim down on them- I got rid of two full trash bags of them!

  • Kon Mari those clothes! Go through your clothes (and the kids’!) and narrow it down to the ones you truly like, wear, and need.

    You don’t have to go full on capsule wardrobe if you don’t want to, but most of us don’t actually need the amount of clothes we have.

    Think about how often you do laundry, then give yourself enough jeans (or whatever) to get you through that long plus a little. The rest can get donated, sold, or just stored in the attic until you feel ready to let it go.

For more ways on how to simplify around the house, check out our Spring Clean Challenge!

Ways to Simplify Your Meal Prep

  • Put EASY Meals in your Rotation. I’m all about some easy meals. I love my Instapot, Crockpot, and any meals that take only a few minutes to make. And even better if they are easy clean up!

    Find recipes and family favorites that are simple, easy, and not much clean up. Then include those in your regular meal rotation!

    P.S. You can get a list of 100+ Easy Healthy Quick Meal Ideas as a part of this Meal Planning guide!

  • Reduce what’s in your fridge/freezer/pantry. Do you know what lurks in the depths of your freezer? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    An easy way to simplify your life as a mom, then, is to take everything out of the freezer, then load back in only what you’ll actually cook. Or at least make a note of what has been there too long and make a plan to use those things! Then you’ll know what you have and can plan accordingly.

    P.S. This tip is a key part of our Meal Planning on a Budget Mini-Course!

  • Use the programmable features on your Crockpot, Instant Pot, and oven! Make the food ahead of time and set it to be done by dinnertime (or breakfast, or whatever). I don’t know about your house, but in mine those late afternoon hours are the hardest, so I’m all about not having to try and add cooking to that mix!

Ideas for Simplifying Your STUFF (and the Kids’ Stuff)

  • PURGE ALL THE THINGS. This one takes a little longer, but it’s totally worth it.
    Go into each room and pull everything out. All the drawers, all the closets, all the STUFF.
    • Throw away anything broken or worthless.
    • Donate or sell the things that are worth something but you don’t use.
    • Save the things that mean something but you don’t use much- but find a special place for them out of the way so they’re not in the middle of daily life.
    • Put back the things that you DO use regularly!

  • Go through the kids’ toys.
    • Pass along or throw away the toys they are too old for or no longer play with.
    • Divide up the ones you’ll keep into two piles.
    • Put one pile away in a closet or attic, then keep the other out. When one set of toys gets boring to them, pull out the other set- ta da, new toys! Repeat indefinitely. 🙂

How to Simplify Your Personal Life as a Mom

  • Use a Diva Cup or other menstrual cup. I seriously love my menstrual cup. I bought it ONCE. And I’m done.

    No more remembering if I have enough of light, regular, heavy, extra heavy blah blah blah. I no longer have to track how long I’ve had it in or having to make sure I have a pad or tampon with me at all times. No more stockpile under the sink. One item, bought once, and done.

    It’s comfortable, it’s easy to wear “just in case” if I need to, and it really does stay in all day long with no problem and no stink. On my one heaviest day I might wear a back up liner, but most people don’t even need that.

    And when my period is over, it’s easy to clean and stores in a cute little bag. And bonus, it reduces your exposure to chemicals in your sensitive regions!

  • Unfollow people on social media. If looking at that mom’s perfect crafts and spotless home and always-happy children is making you discontent- unfollow. It’s not worth your mental health to keep looking at things that make you feel unhappy or feel like you are somehow less.

  • Say NO. Just don’t commit. Bring the easy snack. Buy the cake instead of bake it. Skip the party. Sometimes just…don’t. The world will keep going and you will feel better.

  • Delegate. Figure out what you can have someone else do, then do it! Have a CPA do your taxes, hire a cleaner for your house, hire a mother’s helper or trade off with another mom for childcare, whatever it may be. Hear me: YOU CAN’T DO EVERYTHING AND THAT’S OK.

Simplify Your Mom Life by Getting Organized!

To simplify your life as a Mom, one of the best things you can do is get organized. The more organized you are, the more time and energy is freed up to do the things you want to do! Clutter doesn’t just take up physical space- it takes up mental and emotional space. So put everything in it’s place and free yourself!

To really get into this topic, check out Time Management Strategies for Moms!

Simplify Your Mommy To-Do List

  • Be intentional. Figure out your priorities (here’s a great way to prioritize your tasks!)! Sit down and think through what really truly matters to you and your family.

    Then wipe your calendar clean and only leave those things that line up with those priorities. Do the things that matter with the people you want to be with.

    (Pssst a great way to do this is with the 5 Days to a Decluttered Mom Brain Challenge!)

  • Create a chore routine or use the template I already made for you! Depending on your kids’ ages, this may be a whole family thing or just you (and your spouse/partner).

    • Write down all the chores it takes to run your household.
    • Divide the list into how often each thing needs to be done. Daily, monthly, weekly, yearly, etc.
    • Figure out when it makes the most sense to do each thing. For example, I always try and get a load of laundry started around breakfast time, I take the trash out in the morning, and I start the dishwasher at night before bed.
    • Write it down, print it out, or use a tool like Trello to track it all! (Pssst I already made one for you).

How to simplify your mom life

  • Make a list the night before. Have you ever lost sleep trying to think through the next day while laying there in bed? Yep, me too.

    So instead of doing that, set aside time each evening to make a list for the next day. It takes practice to get into the habit, but eventually it will be second nature. This also gives you the chance to review your day and anything you may need to *not* do in order to have the simplicity you want in your day.

  • Try a Bullet Journal. You’re more likely to stick with a habit if you track it, and Bullet Journaling is perfect for this! I’ve had seasons where I used them and seasons where I don’t, but overall I think they’re a great tool and motivator! A bullet journal on it’s own is a great tool to simplify your life as a mom.

Ways to Simplify Your Day-to-Day as a Mom

  • Sort any papers/mail as soon as it comes in.
    • Throw away the trash.
    • Add any tasks you need to do from those papers to your to-do list.
    • Put them in a central location (i.e. a desk or drawer).
    • File and discard at least once a month.

  • Organize your phone apps. We spend a lot of time on our phones. You might as well make that time more efficient! And of course delete the apps you don’t use!

  • Prep your bags. Create a bag for each main place you go. Diaper bag, gym bag, library bag, school bag, play date bag- whatever makes the most sense for you. Keep your bags packed and stocked so that all you have to do is grab the right one- no more worrying about unpacking and repacking.

The Goal- a Simpler Life as a Mom

These are a lot of ideas on how to simplify your life as a mom! But remember, the goal isn’t to add more to your to do list- it’s to take away from it. By organizing, reducing, and automating anything you can, you free yourself up to be more present as a mom- and that’s something we all want, right?

What ideas would you add to this list? I’m always looking for new ways to improve my life! Please comment below and let me know!

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  1. Rebecca @ Boss Single Mama

    Great ideas for how to simplify your life as a mom! Email is a killer for me, since I run an online business. Inbox zero is my goal but I get 100+ emails every day so it never seems to happen. Organizing your money and your routine are huge and pre-planning as much as possible is a must for me.

  2. I love this! Great read! I mostly loved the “unfollow on social media”. So much online is fake and misleading and can cause an already anxiety filled momma to feel less than. I recently started reaching out to find real mommas like myself that go through the same struggles and support each other on social media. Helps so much.

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