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Personal Finance 101 is a 6 week self-paced course designed to teach financial literacy and skills for older teens and young adults.

When your teen finishes this course, they will have:

  • Researched the costs of every day living for the location where they want to live
  • Compared the cost of living to the pay of job they want to have
  • Set up their own zero-based budget in YNAB (You Need a Budget)
  • Practiced entering transactions, creating savings goals, and budgeting for non-monthly expenses
  • Assessed what it will take to not live paycheck to paycheck
  • Performed real-life assignments to practice budgeting and making adjustments
  • Taken a quiz to show they understand the various buying methods available
  • Read and taken a test on the basics of banking, interest, and credit scores
  • Created their own real-life budgeting scenario and practiced putting together the skills they’ve learned

An optional grading rubric is also included for those who would like to have a final grade at the end of the class.

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