Keep Your Summer Organized and Stress-Free with Our 3-Month Summer Calendar Template!

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Summer is just around the corner! Are you ready to make the most of it?

Are you ready to make the most of it? We know how hectic summer can get with vacations, activities, birthdays, and more. That’s why we’ve created the perfect tool to help you stay organized and enjoy a stress-free summer.

Introducing the 2024 Printable 3 Month Summer Calendar!

Our customizable, easy-to-use calendar template is designed to help busy parents keep track of all their summer plans at a glance. For just $4, you’ll have a visual planner that makes organizing your summer activities a breeze!

Summer 2024 Calendar

Why You’ll Love This Calendar Template:

Our calendar allows you to see all your summer plans in one place. With clear, easy-to-read layouts, even your little ones who can’t read yet will understand what’s happening each day.

Use Canva to add your own graphics, colors, and words. Personalize it to fit your family’s unique style and needs. Add icons for beach days, swim practices, birthdays, and more!

Formatted to be printed as a blueprint (24″x 36″) at your local office store (usually pretty cheap in black and white!) or you can print it on regular paper at home. Hang it up in a central location in your home for everyone to see.

Quickly identify which days are open for spontaneous adventures and which are already booked. Avoid over-scheduling and enjoy a more relaxed summer.

How It Works

Get instant access to the editable Canva template for just $4.

Add your own graphics, colors, and words to make it uniquely yours.

Print it as a large blueprint or on regular paper and hang it up in a central location in your home.

Easily keep track of all your summer activities and enjoy a stress-free, organized summer.


A: The calendar template is available on Canva, a user-friendly design platform. You can easily add your own graphics, colors, and words.

A: The template is formatted to be printed as a blueprint (24″x 36″), but you can also print it on regular paper at home.

Yes! The visual layout makes it easy for even non-readers to understand daily plans.

A: The editable template is available for just $4.

A: Absolutely! Edit it before you print it or add your own stickers or labels after printing! And you can print a new copy anytime!

Get Started Today!

For just $4, you can transform your summer planning and keep your family organized all season long. Don’t miss out on this fantastic tool that’s perfect for busy parents looking to make the most of their summer.

Summer 2024 Calendar

Ready to make this summer your best organized yet?

Download the 3-Month Summer Calendar Template and get started today!