Time Management Strategies for moms
mom confident from using time management strategies

Time Management Strategies for Moms

Moving beyond trying to do it all.

I know I’m not alone in feeling like there are never enough hours in a day. Figuring out how to juggle everything handed to us as moms is an immense challenge. Most of us either spend our time desperately trying to cram in more than is truly possible, throwing our hands up and letting life be chaos, or vacillating between the two.

Time Management Strategies for Moms is an easy-to-follow online course that examines what it takes to be productive without being crazy busy. With straightforward practicality presented in bite-sized pieces, Time Management Strategies for Moms will teach you how to easily form habits, routines, systems, and boundaries that will strengthen your home and give you back time and sanity. Move beyond “trying to do it all” with this course designed just for moms!

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Determined your personal values and family values
  • Assessed your true mental load
  • Learned how to use a Time Management Matrix
  • Decided what habits and routines you need to establish
  • Designed Trello Boards to manage your routine tasks
  • Purged unnecessary time consumers
  • Automated your mundane tasks
  • Created systems to save you time
  • Made practical adaptations to increase your productivity
  • And more!
I've taken courses on Time management and they always cover everything broadly. Stephanie covers everything with details and actually teaches us how to do it. She shares her knowledge and experience as mom and wife and also gives you the tools. She will help you jumpstart your time management by sharing her very own templates, so you can follow them and make your own.

Time Management Strategies for Moms
Course Blueprint

Know What's Important

  • Reality Check: Assessing Your Actual Load
  • Your Family and Personal Values
  • Basic Prioritization

Take Charge with Habits

  • What is a Habit?
  • 12 Habit Building Strategies
  • Making it Routine

Using Trello to Streamline Your Time

  • An Introduction to Trello
  • Household Tasks Trello Board
  • Meal Planning Trello Board
  • Upcoming Trello Boards
  • Weekly Trello Board
  • Putting Them All Together

Spending Less Time

  • Strategy 1: Have Less Stuff
  • Strategy 2: Simplify Your Stuff
  • Strategy 3: Automate Your Stuff

Using the Time You Have

  • Strategy 1: Have a GOOD plan for the day
  • Strategy 2: Take Time to Design
  • Strategy 3: Accept Limitations
  • Strategy 4: Know Thyself

Congratulations + Bonuses!

  • You Did It!
  • Downloads
  • Going Deeper

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

I am a Jesus-loving, introverted, somewhat crunchy, and highly practical homeschooling mom. I am married to my wonderful husband, Jacob, and we are parents to a 6 year old future CEO and a 3 year old ninja.

Creating order out of chaos is my jam and I am passionate about streamlining your mom life! I view #momlife as basically running a small business, and my goal at Mama Shark is to be your efficiency engineer to help you save money, gain time, and reduce your stress!

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