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Welcome to Mama Shark’s Resource Library!

Welcome to Mama Shark’s Resource Library! Here I’ve included links to various resources that I have found helpful in my journey, and I hope you’ll enjoy them, too!

Some links are affiliate links for products I enjoy or discount codes with companies I love; clicking on an affiliate link does not cost you anything extra, but I may receive a small commission.

Time/Money-Saving Resources

  • Instacart– Grocery delivery service that brings the groceries right to your house!
  • Thrive Market– deals on organic and allergy-friendly foods
  • Hungry Harvest– fresh food delivered to your door at a great price!
  • Butcher Box– organic and high quality meats delivered. Save money and time!
  • Amazon Subscribe and Save– up to 15% discount on items you’re already going to get, PLUS you don’t have to remember to order it each month (though you can change it if you want at any time)
  • YNAB (You Need a Budget)– I love this simple program/app for budgeting. It’s easy, intuitive, and takes very little time to manage.
  • Rakuten– cash back on purchases I’m already making! Use my link and get $10 after you spend $25!
  • Trello. It’s like a to-do list on steroids that also syncs to my phone (and anyone else I share it with). I have lists for Mommying stuff, Blogging stuff, Family stuff, Homeschooling stuff, and more!
  • Meal Planning Mini-Course– for when you don’t have a lot of time, but you need to SAVE a lot of time, money, and energy!
  • Meal Planning Boss Course for learning all things meal planning!

Mommying Resources

  • Postpartum Support International– know the signs of postpartum mood disorders, and where to find help!
  • Diaper Dabbler– a sampler pack of diaper brands so you can find the one that works best for your baby before buying a bunch!
  • Printable Scripture Affirmations– print out these affirmation cards and hang them around your house or your birthing room! Designed just for moms!
  • Random Acts of Encouragement Cards for Moms– these printable business-card-sized-cards are designed for handing out anywhere you see a mom who needs cheering on!
  • Armed with Truth– Scriptures and powerful phrases made into temporary tattoos for your arms! Use the code MAMASHARK20 for 20% off!
  • Mama Bear’s Baby Beads– silicone teething jewelry, paci clips, and more! Perfect for teething babies and toddlers and their fashionable mamas. Use the code MAMASHARK15 for 15% off!

Kids’ Resources

Blogging Resources

  • Tailwind– how I schedule things on Pinterest!
  • PicMonkey– easy, simple editing software at a low price
  • Canva– free editing software with lots easy tools! Use my link and get credits towards extras!
  • ConvertKit– mailing list made easy!
  • Start a Mom Blog course for getting started

Thanks for visiting Mama Shark’s resource library!