Meal Planning Resources

Whether you’re wanting to read about meal planning or need one-on-one help through the process- or anything in between- we’ve got many meal planning options to help make this part of Mama Life easier!

how to do meal planning on a budget for families

How to Meal Plan on a Budget: The Step-by-Step Article

This simple step-by-step guide will show you exactly what you need to know to be able to Meal Plan on a Budget (no matter how you like to eat). Click below to learn more!

The Easy, Healthy Meal Ideas Board- FREE DOWNLOAD

It’s hard to find meals that are easy AND healthy AND quick to make! Use this Trello board full of 100+ Meal Ideas with recipes to plan your next dinner!

meal planning on a budget trello board

The Meal Planning Trello Board Template- $9

Download the Trello Board Template featured in our Meal Planning on a Budget article and customize it for yourself! Reduce the time spent meal planning and save money on groceries by using this fantastic tool!

meal planning on a budget mini-course

How to Meal Plan on a Budget using Trello: the Mini Course- $19

This quick mini-course is an easy way to learn how to meal plan on a budget using the free productivity app Trello! In just a few lessons you’ll learn the tips and tricks that allow me to plan my weekly meals in about 30 minutes a week with a $100 budget. With the money you’ll save, it’ll pay for itself in just a week!

mom who has planned her meals like a boss

Become a Meal Planning Boss: the Full Course- $47

This full course on Meal Planning will take you through how to meal plan quickly and easily, show you how to plan your meals around a budget if you need to, and help you with strategies to get those meals on the table (even with kids around!). You’ll also learn money-saving strategies for the grocery store as well as time-saving secrets for meal prep. You’ll come away from this course a total Meal Planning Boss!

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    Beta Testers needed for Meal Planning Coaching help

    Meal Planning Coaching: One-on-One Help- $47 $20 per hour

    Be a Beta Tester for Mama Shark’s Meal Planning Coaching Sessions and receive a 57% discount! Plans are available for one time (60-90 min) sessions, or I’ll create a package for you that fits your needs and your budget!