Reality Check: Your Load

Every once in a while (don’t ask me why…I think it just makes me feel better about myself), I write down every single thing I can think of that I’m responsible for or “supposed to” do or remember or plan. Everything from doing the dishes to eating healthy to planning out kids’ appointments, and I assign approximate time values to each thing based on about how long I think they take/require.

You know what I conclude every. single. time?

There’s never enough time in the day.

I know this probably doesn’t shock you. In fact, you’re probably in the course because you are acutely aware of this fact.

But rather than just shrug and say “yep, it’s too much”, I want to take a minute and actually assess the load that you’re carrying or think you’re needing to carry.


Because I want you to see just how impossible it is- not to overwhelm you or make you want to give up- but so you can see that you really DO need to major in the majors and find what are your true values and priorities and what you are willing to let go or let be done imperfectly or by someone else.

Because the first step in effective time management is to quit just doing things and start doing the RIGHT things.

Action Step:

It’s time to make that list of all the things you carry. This can be an emotional process, so you may want to choose a time when you’ve got the mental and emotional energy to deal with this sort of assessment.

I like to do this assessment with a Trello Board, so I’ve made you a template you can copy and use to get you started if you want.