Your Family and Personal Values

Determining Your Personal Values

Before you can figure out how to best spend your time, you first need to take a few moments to assess your own heart. What do you value? What is REALLY important to you? What ranks after that? What do you feel like you need as a part of your day to make it happy/successful?

No one can answer these questions for you, so I suggest taking some time with a journal (or a friend if you’re the talk-it-out type) to think through and write down what matters most to you. Don’t stress about getting it just perfect, either- though your very most core values will likely stay pretty consistent, what you value and need in a season will evolve!

Determining Your Family’s Values

Similarly, you’ll need to take a look at your family values! This includes both what your family *does* value, and what you *want* your family to value. For example, your kids may value screen time and you want to make a change to valuing time outdoors- again, while your most core values will likely stay pretty much the same, there will be some values that grow and shift. This is a great opportunity to call at family meeting and talk through these things together!

Action Step:

Journal or talk out your personal and family values and write them down somewhere where you can reference them later. I’ve also created a worksheet/template for you to print out and use if you choose!