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Design Your Homeschool

Plan to succeed.

Whether you’re a first time homeschooling parent or you’ve been at this for a decade, finding focus and organization for your homeschool makes the year go so much smoother!

Design Your Homeschool is an easy-to-follow online course that walks you through taking a step back to see the big picture of your family priorities and goals, then zooming into the nitty gritty details of every day homeschooling.

Through this course you’ll investigate and refresh yourself on what methods, style, and strategies work best for you and your children and become better equipped to make use of them in your homeschool.

You’ll also learn use Trello boards to plan your curriculum and schedule, plus track your students’ progress through the year. Getting and staying organized in you homeschool just got easier!

By the end of this course, you will have:

    • Assessed and recorded your why for homeschooling
    • Established SMART goals for your homeschool year
    • Created student learning profiles for each of your kids
    • Identified your own teaching style preferences
    • Identified your family’s homeschool type
    • Chosen what you want to be a part of your curriculum
    • Laid out a big picture plan for your homeschool year
    • Used Trello to create a curriculum collection board
    • Used Trello to create a school schedule
    • Used Trello to create a board tracking finished school, attendance, and grades
    • And much more!
"After homeschooling for more than 5 years, I encountered this course to be so true and the content is relevant. This will help any mom to jumpstart homeschooling and have a better understanding on how to get started. I really wish I could had something like this when I started my journey, this course will clarify a lot of things and help you get some ideas on how to design your own homeschool."
Homeschooling Mom

Design Your Homeschool Course Blueprint

Starting with the Basics

  • Find Your Homeschool Why
  • Legal Requirements
  • Know Your Students
  • Matching Learning and Teaching Styles
  • Setting Your Goals
  • Other Things to Consider

Assembling Your Curriculum & Plan

  • Find Your Homeschool Style
  • The Big Picture of Your Year
  • Pick What to Learn

Using Trello to Organize and Plan Your Year

  • How to Set up a Trello Board
  • Resources and Curriculum Board
  • School Plan Board
  • Record Keeping Board
  • Leveling Up with Trello

Congratulations + Bonuses!

  • You Did It!
  • Downloads
  • The All-in-One Version
  • Your Homeschool Routine
  • Surviving the Spring Slump
  • Discounts on Homeschool Courses
  • Next in Trello
  • What Did You Think?

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

I am a Jesus-loving, introverted, somewhat crunchy, and highly practical homeschooling mom. I am married to my wonderful husband, Jacob, and we are both homeschool grads.

Creating order out of chaos is my jam and I am passionate about streamlining your mom life! I view #momlife as basically running a small business, and my goal at Mama Shark is to be your efficiency engineer to help you save money, gain time, and reduce your stress!

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Ready to Design Your Homeschool?

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